What is Keymando?

Keymando is a Mac power tool for those who like to have complete control over the input into their computer.

Why should I use Keymando?

Because you want to get things done. Fast. Here’s how:

only /Chrome/ do
  map "<Ctrl-w>h", "<Cmd-{>"
  map "<Ctrl-w>l", "<Cmd-}>"

Why Ruby?

Why not? Ruby is a great, dynamic, and extremely readable programming language.

Great, so I need to know how to program to use Keymando?

Not at all. Keymando syntax is extremely easy to follow. Keymando can be setup as simply or as complex as you like. Check out the documentation and examples for more information.

Where is my keymandorc.rb file stored?

~/Library/Application Support/Keymando/keymandorc.rb

Can I map CapsLock to Ctrl or Cmd using Keymando?

Not yet. In the mean time you can easily do this via System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys…

Who made Keymando?

Keymando is the brainchild of Kevin Colyar (@kevincolyar). He, and fellow keyboard/productivity/coding master Jean-Paul Boodhoo (@jpboodhoo) work on Keymando, turning it into the best all around Mac tool out there.